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Seven Reasons to visit Zakuro Show!

1. You want to see as much as possible while in Japan, therefore your time is limited.
The show is one hour long and conveniently located only few steps away from major touristic attractions: Harajuku area, Takeshita street, Yoyogi Park, Meiji Jingu Shrine and shopping street Omotesando.

2. You want to get more information about Japanese music and Japanese traditional music instruments. 

During the show musicians will take small intermissions to talk about the musical instruments involved, give information about history of the performed pieces and interact with the audience. Zakuro show will be easy to understand for both Japan residents and travelers. The program consists of traditional music composed hundreds of years ago, famous Japanese contemporary tunes and experimental pieces.

3. You want to learn about truly authentic Japanese culture, but don't speak Japanese.

The show is Bilingual! Zakuro team member will translate everything into English.

4. You are interested in traditional music instruments.
Zakuro Show musicians play Japanese Harp (Koto), Japanese Base Harp (jûshichigen), Japanese Flute (Shakuhachi), Japanese drums (Taiko). You will be able to see them up close.

5. You want to listen to a high quality performance by professional musicians. 

Six top-level Japanese musicians have created an ensemble called Aioi (Growing Together). For many years, they have been playing both in Japan and abroad. For Zakuro Show, they have created an exclusive program to introduce the audience to the finest Japanese traditional music!

6. You would like to see how performers play their instruments up close.

Zakuro show has a small and cozy venue. Musicians are very close to the audience.

7. You would like to take photos and shoot videos during the show.

Photos and videos are allowed and you will also have a chance to take pictures together with musicians after the show. Take good memories with you and share them with your friends!