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Production Team

Meet The Team Of Zakuro Show

Organized by ZAKURO SHOW, LLC

Address: Harajuku Omotesando Building 3F, 6-34-14 Jingumae, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo 150-0001

Israelyan Karen 
Violinist, AREV ARTS director, Co-founder and co-CEO of the ZAKURO SHOW

Originally from the Republic of Armenia, Karen lived and performed in Vienna and Barcelona. He worked as an orchestra violinist at the Liceu Opera House in Barcelona. Moved to Japan in 2009. Along with his solo and orchestra activities, he has been involved in planning and hosting various music events both in Japan and overseas since 2013. He held various concerts in countries such as Austria, Germany, Spain, and Armenia. In December 2019, he hosted and performed a successful concert at the Carnegie Hall in the United States (New York).

Gubina Julia
Producer, Interpreter/Translator, Co-founder and co-CEO of the ZAKURO SHOW

Holds a bachelor's degree in journalism.
Since coming to Japan in 2009, she has been involved in translating and interpreting for games, anime, and movies. Since 2015, Julia has worked in the tourism industry, accepting tourists from APAC, English-speaking countries, and Europe. Since 2018, she has been co-organizing the ZAKURO SHOW with Israely
an Karen. At ZAKURO SHOW, in addition to regular concerts, she is involved with various projects, such as workshops, Japanese musical instrument concerts for children, special concerts, and Japanese musical instrument experience sessions for 80 music students in Hong Kong, etc. During the COVID-19 pandemic, I produced 10 YouTube videos in hopes of spreading Traditional Japanese Music globally.


Activities of ZAKURO SHOW

From November 2018, at the perfect location in the Omotesando/Harajuku area of Tokyo, we organize general admission ZAKURO SHOW concerts where guests can discover the beauty of traditional Japanese instruments such as the Japanese harp Koto, 17-string bass harp Jushichigen, Shamisen, Japanese flute Shakuhachi, and Taiko drums.


In 2019, we held a special project, "Concert of Japanese Musical Instruments for Kids," and introduced children and their parents to Japanese musical instruments to play and listen to.

In 2020, we were forced to refrain from activities due to COVID-19. With the cooperation of the art support project "Cheer for Art!" and "Arts for the Future!," we have continued to hold concerts and online projects. ​

The regular concerts finally resumed in the spring of 2023 after the long COVID-19 pandemic.

We will continue to deliver great music and sincerely ask for your continued support!

Media Appearances

Media Appearances of Zakuro Show

・ Guest appearance on "Shirabe Radio by Makoto Takahashi"

Broadcasted on July 24/26/28/29, 2020

Media Appearances of Zakuro Show
Media Appearances of Zakuro Show
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