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December 17th (Sat), 2022

@ Nikkei Hall

1-3-7 Otemachi, Chiyoda ku, Tokyo

Nikkei Building 3F

Doors open: 13:30   /   Start: 14:00





1. Sonata for solo violin No.1 in G minor - Adagio


2. Partita for Solo Violin No.2 in D minor



1. Muika - Yutaka Makino


2. Arenezumi - Unknown composer

 (Wagakki, Japanese Dance)

3. Soran Scherzo - Shingo Edo


4. Hungarian Dance No.5 In G Minor - J.Brahms

 (Wagakki & Violin collaboration)





Zohrab Tadevosyan

Assistant Concertmaster of the Orchestra Teatro Real (Madrid, Spain). From the age of 13, he studied under the tutelage of his uncle, Professor Eduard Tadevosyan. The latter was, in turn, a disciple of the great virtuoso violinist of the 20th century Leonid Kogan. Winner of various European competitions. Studied with prof. Zakhar Bron at Reina Sofía School of Music.

Since 2010 Zohrab has taught as a Professor at the Reina Sofía School of Music in Madrid. In 2013th, he was appointed as a Professor at Katarina Gurska Conservatory. At the same time, he is an internationally known musician who has served as a jury member for prestigious international violin competitions, including the "Louis Spohr International Violin Competition" in Germany.

Karen Israelyan

Born in Armenia. After graduating from Yerevan State Conservatory with honors, Karen continued to study at Vienna Conservatory (Austria). At the beginning of his musical career, Karen worked in Orchestra Academia Grad Theatre Liceu (Barcelona). Since 2009 he has lived in Japan. Since 2011 he has been a regular member of the IlluminArt Orchestra in Tokyo.

Karen actively performs Solo and as a part of Chamber ensemble. He has been invited to many international events, including the Spanish Film Festival. In 2019, he took the stage at Carnegie Hall in New York City as violinist and artistic director. He has a deep knowledge of folk music and actively collaborates with Japanese culture.





William Reed

Professor at iCLA, Aikido Yuishinkai 8th Dan, Hogyokukai 2nd Dan, All-Japan Education Calligraphy Federation 10th Dan, Vice President

Born in the US. Navigator of the Dogi-version of the documentary commemorating the 150th anniversary of the Battle of Aizu in the Boshin war. Letterer for the documentary poster.

William performed calligraphy at the Bushido Tourism video of the Sports Agency. He has numerous media appearances. Hogyokukai Yamanashi Branch manager. He introduces the beauty of Japanese culture both inside and outside of Japan. As an evangelist of Japanese culture, he received the Scottish Samurai Great Shogun Award.

Hogyoku Takeda

Mugaishinden Mugairyu Iai Hyodo, Instructor 7th Dan Licence, Instructor Hogyokukai President


In 2020 received the Scottish Samurai Great Taisho Award from the Order of the Scottish Samurai (OSS), an organization officially recognized by the British government. He has appeared in many commercials and videos in Japan and abroad, including a starring role in the "Tokyo Olympics Special for the U.S." on NBC, one of the three major networks in the U.S. Supervisor of Iai for Toei Video's "Stage Metropolitan Police Department Battou Division." Instructor at the Tokyo American Club, Japan's premier social club.

Ogyoku Yasumura

Renshi 6th Dan, Director of International Iaido Federation Hogyokukai

Chief of Kanto Block, Chairman of Technical Guidance Committee

Won the 4th and 5th All Japan Iaido Kata Championships held at Butokuden, Kyoto. In 2020, the only one from iai to be selected for the monthly Hiden "Women's Martial Artist Directory." In 2021, Ogyoku became the first person to achieve the Grand Slam by winning the three All-Japan kata/jiyu kumitachi/tameshigiri competitions.


306532242_3397010777291017_5330559529030667556_n (1).png
Screen Shot 2022-10-09 at 14_edited.png

Seizan Matsuzaki


Kana Shinpuku


Chiseyo Higuchi

koto and shamisen




Genkuro Hanayagi

Japanese dance

​ Mikifuu Hanayagi

Japanese dance


Kenichi Tajima


Manami Ishida

17-strings koto

Chizuru Fukuhara


Yumika Ehara

koto, 17-strings koto

Wagakki Ensemble AIOI

Top-level Japanese traditional musicians, the Tokyo National University of Fine Arts and Music graduates, have created an ensemble called Aioi (Growing Together). This exceptional group mixes various genres and even traditional styles, giving birth to unique and fascinating sound. They have received high acclaim not only in Japan but also in France, Germany, and other foreign countries. During the COVID-19 pandemic, they performed for a series of music videos – wagakki covers of International Top Hits for foreign and Japanese fans.

While deeply authentic, AIOI performances are known to be highly enjoyable and easy to understand, even for audiences unfamiliar with traditional Japanese music. For Zakuro Show Global VOL2. Spiritual Fusion, the ensemble will perform "Soran Scherzo," a jazz-inspired arrangement of "Soran Bushi," one of the popular songs in the regular performances of "ZAKURO SHOW." They have also created exclusive newly arranged pieces to introduce the audience to the finest Japanese traditional music!


[Artistic Director]  Israeliyan Karen

[Producer]     Gubina Julia


[Special cooperation] Shirakawa Gakukan


​Supported by Agency for Cultural Affaires

『Arts for the Future! 2』

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